Introducing Pioneer® brand P501L canola with the LibertyLink® trait
INTRODUCING Pioneer® brand P501L canola with the LibertyLink® trait

Pioneer® brand P501L canola hybrid with the LibertyLink® trait delivers an optimized yield and performance package including:

  • High yields
  • Industry-leading Pioneer Protector® clubroot resistance trait with built-in resistance to pathotypes 2,3,4,5,6 and 8.
  • Elite Pioneer® brand genetics
  • Resistance management - herbicide system / crop rotation
  • Alternative mode of action - glufosinate
  • Volunteer Roundup Ready® and  Clearfield® canola management, by rotating canola herbicide technology systems

  • Similar yield to InVigor® L252
  • 5% yield improvement over InVigor® 5440
  • 5% yield improvement over Pioneer® brand 45H33
  • Similar maturity to Pioneer® brand 45H33, earlier than InVigor L252
  • Improved standability over Pioneer® brand 45H33, similar to InVigor L252
  • R for clubroot
  • R for blackleg
  • Excellent early growth
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