46H75 continues to be a leader in yield and profit!  

Did you know that 46H75 has a $1/bu premium over generic canola? 
For example, on a 45 bu/ac yield over 320 acres, that's equal to $14,400.00

  • 40 bushels an acre delivery guaranteed.  

  • Act of God clause on the 1st 30 bushels.

46H75 Grower Testimonials

"I have grown 46H75 for the consistent yield, which is on par with other systems cultivars.  Ste. Agathe's premium for 46H75 keeps my budget in the black.  Derek and Dwights service and agronomy is very important to me." ~ Jurgen Kohler, Brunkild

"I would say the yield of course even with the drought or excess moisture conditions it still performs, we haven't had less than 40 bu/ac since we started growing it.  And of course with Derek Erb Seeds, you get experience, knowledge and customer service like no other." ~ David Manness, Domain
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